Fairy Ape Kids Club

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Welcome to the Fairy Ape Kids Club.

by AKC #1623

We are not just NFT, we are something more, you don't realize it yet, but it's coming.

FAKC is a collection of little apes from another reality! If your childhood was filled with happiness, you'll be happy to see what we have in store for you! There will be a total of 10,000 unique NFTs with more than 250+ high quality traits running on the magical Polygon blockchain.

Have a magical mood, friends!


Creating an idea. Creating NFT.

Social networks creating,
Creating a fairy tale world. First release.

A half-minute cartoon that opens the door
to our fairy tale universe.

Creating a website, developing a marketing plan.

Regular raffles, active communication with members.

Announcing the features of Legendary NFTs.

Mint 12.04.22

Attracting investors.

Regular addition of new NFTs to the LEGENDARY-FAKC collection.

Monthly donations of money to the Red Cross.

Beginning the development of the "Superhero Ape Kids Club" collection.

Verification of our collections on

Rarible and Opensea.

Cooperation with other major NFT projects.

Work on attracting celebrities.

An expansion of our universe...